CONTENT MARKETING RULES

     1. Engage first, sell later…

So this is the obvious one. Give, give, give before you wait to receive. Empathize with your audience by sharing content they engage with. This can be done through your social networks, your newsletter, blog, or a great video. We’re building a relationship, building trust. We need our audience to trust us as much as any other brand they might buy from.

  1. Make your content unique …..

When we create content creating time we should attention that what I am creating should be unique and attractive content. If your content is not attractive and unique   then no will become on your website

  1. Identify the needs of your audience ……

What comes to your mind when you hear “just do it”? It reminds you of NIKE, doesn’t it?NIKE has made this phrase familiar to everyone.

This multinational company found out that traditional ads didn’t engage their clients, and they were not able to find what they were looking for. So, it only spent 33% of its marketing budget on traditional marketing and moved forward with content marketing. It considers its customers’ interests first and believes a product that benefits them personally is easy to optimize.

   4. Entertain your audience through your content

I guess no one can do this better than Red Bull. Brands are struggling to increase their worldwide audience. They are consistently creating new content for their consumers. On the other hand, Red Bull is the first brand that creates content its users actually search for. The brand entertains its audience on Red Bull TV. It broadcasts extreme sports videos, cultural events, lifestyle content, and music programming. Red Bull TV is free for everyone to watch on their laptop, tablets, and mobile devices.

Increase traffic and conversions-
Quality content draws your audience to your website, boosting web traffic. Once they are on your site, you can persuade them to register or make a purchase (ie convert).
Keep costs down –
There are no media placement costs and most work can be done in-house. This means your spending can be kept low. Because money is kept matter that goods are cheap or costly.
Reach an audience who may avoid ads
 Using content rather than traditional advertising can help you reach potential customers who may use ad-blocking software or actively avoid or ignore traditional advertising.

How We Manage Your Content Marketing Project..

Thinking Strategically-
A comprehensive plan of action guarantees that you have a clear vision of your output over a certain period of time and that your messaging, business communication, and tone are all consistent.
Being Social time-
Our team can help you run all your social media accounts smoothly, efficiently ensuring that you reach and engage with your target audience.
Knowing your Audience-
One of the ways we ensure your campaigns work effectively is by understanding who you're trying to reach, where they spend their time online, and how they make purchases.